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I made it to this year's Blizzcon thanks to Mr. Kaa! Every year I plan and look forward to costuming there...and every year (except one) I board the Fail Train. I have promised myself that I would have at least one costume made for this con next year, with wardrobe and props. Let's see if I can stick to that!

Man, armor has made HUGE strides in the last few years-- not in small part to new materials (like Wonderflex) and some fantastic online tutorials. I saw a ton of spfx-quality armor out there!

Lots of people having a ton of fun!

One complaint: too much smoke. Everywhere, all the time. Not smoking-smoke...fog-machine smoke. What-the-what!

Next year I've vowed to make at least one costume with gear. Let's see if I am good for my word!

Blink 182 was this year's band. Good show.

SDCC 2013

Jul. 22nd, 2013 10:23 pm
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Another year, another Comic-Con gone by.

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I have to say that I'm non-plussed about the convention: crowds, lines to stand in to get into another line to get a ticket to stand in yet a third line. And this was just for a SDCC exclusive-- Hall H line-waiters started camping out the previous afternoon!

On the bright side, AGSMA had a fantastic masquerade skit and took Best Presentation in a year of strong presentations. I wasn't in the skit-- I just hung out and helped out backstage. If I come back for SDCC, it would be because I love my AGSMA crew and would be masquerading.

My big problem with the con now isn't just the crowds-- it's also that the media is taking unfair advantage of the crowds and publicity and sending shows there that really don't belong (but who would pass up all the publicity?). Honestly- "How I Met Your Mother"?!? WTF.

As usual it was the panoply of great costuming and lots of stuff to buy. I settled for a couple of books from Stuart Ng books and some Stan Sakai/Usagi collections.

Zombies were big again. They had two nights of Zombie Walks. There was also a big set of displays and food trucks across the street where the con had the "Interactive" area. I like the idea of off-site events like this: spreads the crowds and lets you experience exhibits with fewer crowds. Seeing the Smurfs with a big display right next to The Walking Dead was also pretty cool.


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