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I got a surprise present from an artist friend I work with: a pair of R0ndo and APache ornaments! ! She did a *fantastic* job of capturing their physical details *and* their personalities! Thanks, Laura!

She does great 2D and 3D art: check out her website! She also does toys and puppets!
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The dogs and I got a precious, rare invite: to celebrate King Dog Tay's birthday up in Oakhurst!
Oakhurst Snow
There are more gorgeous images of the Ranch, dogs and snow here

The timing turned into the most perfect trip we've ever made up there: the day after we arrives it snowed. Just enough fell that the ranch and the mountain turned into a winter wonderland. This was *ideal*: the snow only lasted for about two days-- then it melted and allowed us to drive safely back down the hill and home.

The night we arrived there was also a bit of excitement: on the night walk Carol and I discovered a brush-burn that had gotten out of control (these are supposed to be watched by the burner until the fire dies down). Between the windy gusts and all of the pine needles that hadn't been cleared, the fire had spread well into the brush nearby. A fallen pine was in flames and embers were spreading under the pine needles. We went back to get Eric and shovels...Carol got all of the water jugs (they keep them for pump failures).


With a lot of work we got the flames down and the embers mostly doused. The owners of the lot finally arrived with a tractor and used that to completely bury the rest of the fire. They were grateful that it had been discovered, so it was all good. Plus, bonus activity points for me.

new snow

We awoke the next day to a winter wonderland: several inches of snow fell during the night and it was cold enough to stick. Check out the link above to see how beautiful the area became. The dogs (all four border collies) and I took a number of hikes in the silent, white world. I love walking in fresh snow (especially when it's only a few inches deep) and watching four crazy border collies run around on Very Important Business.

There are few places that aren't improved by a fall of snow. Since Casa Coyote starts out quite lovely, the snow transformed it into a fantasyland. R0ndo and Apache loved it: they had experienced a dusting of snow in Seattle a few years ago and had a lot of fun...but this was like doggy-disneyland for them. They bounded through the small drifts and still managed to dig ghost varmints. They loved that it was nice and chill out and if they get hot or thirsty they can just eat the refreshing "white dirt".

Tay was showered with goodies and treats. He enjoyed the ribeye steak he got as a present. As any good tyrant, he tolerated the manic attention of all three of the other dogs. He's well-deserving of his Kingdog title!


Nov. 18th, 2013 05:01 pm
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My dog looks like something launched by the Russians in the '50's.


Both dogs got bitten by fleas at a friend's house (where said friend feeds the neighborhood cats). R0ndo just scratched a bit and that was that...Apache is so OCD that she literally licks herself raw in minutes.

I tried a cervical collar (so she could still use the dog door), but after a couple of weeks I gave up: she's just too limber and too determined.

So I tried an inflatable collar...and that didn't work-- though she was able to make herself look particularly pitiful with this thing. She also demonstrated how clever she is by trying to get a puppy-friend of hers to bite the collar off (witnessed by puppy's owner!) It was amazing.

Finally I gave up and put the Cone-O-Shame on her...only to have her be able to work the cone down so she could still lick. Agk.

So I was forced to go to the Ultimate Combo: the inflate-a-collar and the Cone-O-shame. She looks ridiculous.


However, the good new is that for the first time in over a month, the wounds are finally drying out!! Hopefully I can give her a skin treatment to ease any residual itching. Plus more Benedryl.
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Once again, I anticipate my favorite holiday and, in the end, do very little. The trouble with Los Angeles is that either the events are tiny and mundane or HUGE AND LOUD AND DRUNKEN. There used to be parties thrown by people in the effects business that were pretty cool, but I haven't heard of one in years. My favorite event is for the dogs, literally.


My boys went as a Sci-Fi Channel Low-budget Movie Special: ORCA vs RAPTOR! (<--you just wait: that WILL be a Sci-Fi Channel movie in the future...and I'll bet these costumes are better than the CG effects Sci-Fi will use!)

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I had given thought to hitting Norwescon this year, but it looks unlikely: just too busy.

However, Norwescon usually has -great- programming and I always find one or two panels to attend that are memorable. I perused the programming grid: this year I didn't see anything that piqued my interest...until this:

A Boy, His Dog, and Their Sheep
Sunday 12:00 PM Cascade 12
This presentation will include the past, present, and future of sheepherding with border collies, including a discussion of the personality, instinct, and training of the dogs. Featured panelist will be a border collie named Rodeo.
Jim Kling (M)

Um. Are they -trying- to entice me-- specifically?? Of all the program items I expected to see, this wasn't on any list. A panel with a live border collie? Sheepherding? Definitely a first for me to see at an sf con. -Almost- tempting!
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Looking for an entertaining way to avoid some chore or homework or relationship maintenance or whatever? Here are some cool and distracting links. If at least one of these things doesn't amuse, fascinate or educate you, I'll eat a bug. Small one. Ants are bugs, right?*


For those of you that ARE too busy-- have my favorite dog lol of 2012:



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