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I made it to this year's Blizzcon thanks to Mr. Kaa! Every year I plan and look forward to costuming there...and every year (except one) I board the Fail Train. I have promised myself that I would have at least one costume made for this con next year, with wardrobe and props. Let's see if I can stick to that!

Man, armor has made HUGE strides in the last few years-- not in small part to new materials (like Wonderflex) and some fantastic online tutorials. I saw a ton of spfx-quality armor out there!

Lots of people having a ton of fun!

One complaint: too much smoke. Everywhere, all the time. Not smoking-smoke...fog-machine smoke. What-the-what!

Next year I've vowed to make at least one costume with gear. Let's see if I am good for my word!

Blink 182 was this year's band. Good show.
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I tried twice to get a ticket to Blizzcon. Twice I failed-- I was in the 3-4K range when they sold out each time. And this is with constant refreshing and clicking through-- less than a second-- to get my spot in line. I think the best I ended up with was 8,400.

Blizzard is a multi-billion dollar company. One would think that a company with those resources could figure out how to sell tickets to a VERY popular event. This is the first year I know of where at least the servers didn't crash when ticket sales opened. I can understand this happening the first year (unexpected)-- but that same thing happened for several more events!

Their solution to make it "easier" is to split the ticket sales into two batches. Their brilliant thinking, I guess, is: TWO CHANCES! Woo!

All that does is give the bots and others two chances to buy tickets. If they had sold it in one batch, I would have gotten my ticket. Instead, I was in the 8k spot in line twice. Yay.

If the Nitwits-in-charge at Blizzard just limited everyone to -one- ticket at -one- sales event, most of the people who really want a ticket would get one.



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