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I got distracted by a Google link-train: quaint villages led to me looking up "fulling" (thickening wool cloth by hand) which led to me looking up "waulking" (the Gaelic word for fulling) and finally led me to check out "Waulking Songs" on Youtube...and discovering this ancient style of folk song. I have always enjoyed the traditional Japanese fishermen songs - and while clearly there are differences - they share a similar structure. Working songs are rhythmic by design and waulking songs contain surprisingly intimate and personal stories, hidden within the verses as the women work.
Here is a nice example of an actual " waulking session " (thickening wool cloth by hand). The rhythm and the motions of their arms and hands mesmerize.

And here is a more pop version of a waulking song sung by Julie Fowlis.
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A friend's post got me to looking up videos for "The Mystic Knights of the Oingo-Boingo". This was the band that Danny Elfman took over from his brother, Richard Elfman back in the day. Richard is best known for creating, "The Forbidden Zone," a film that is almost guaranteed to offend someone (certainly he offended all the critics when the film was debuted). The film is hard to define and is proof that Richard is nuts...but at least some of the world has caught up with his brand of crazy.

I got this song from the film stuck in my head...
[Mostly work safe except for one small f-bomb in the middle]

The song is Elfman's take on this classic Three Stooges piece:


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