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[No Spoilers]

I just saw Disney's Frozen and came out with mixed feelings. This was a film I looked forward to: classic story, gorgeous art and Idina Menzel! Yet, the film feels like an early draft of any Pixar film – before they smooth out the characterizations and add those clever plot twists that are the hallmark of most Pixar films.

One friend (I forget who) pegged it when they described the film as feeling like it was designed like a Broadway musical first, with the story and characterizations coming second. The scripting has the feel of someone's first time writing the book for a musical – so strong was the vibe of, "Okay, now we have to have -this- kind of song right here, now!"

Unlike recent Disney animated features, the songs stopped the pacing dead. Way too much time was spent establishing background for the meat of the story: what should have been accomplished in ten minutes took nearly an hour. I started looking at my watch wondering, "Uh...aren't we getting kind of close to the end? When is the adventure going to begin?"

There comes a point where something happens that is so out of left field that it pretty much spoiled the experience for me. The set-up had -no- foreshadowing and was completely contrived. When you see the film, you'll know -exactly- what I'm referring to.

Still, even Pixar's worst day is better than most other's best effort, so I generally enjoyed myself. I am baffled by the 4 and 5 star reviews, though. It's like most reviewers rubber stamped this one. The exception that I found was, of course, Roger Ebert , who is ever the pro and, while he generally has good things to say about the film, did indeed notice the flaws.

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"Way too much time was spent establishing background for the meat of the story: what should have been accomplished in ten minutes took nearly an hour" ...exactly my main critique of it.. :D .. other than that, most remaining elements were enjoyable... but it was no runaway groundbreaking thing...

Though, it's doing well, so maybe enough time has passed since the Aladdin and Little Mermaid days... this could be the 'all-new-thing' for this generation

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this could be the 'all-new-thing' for this generation

I sure hope not. Storytelling, characterization and directing are getting flashier and more sloppy. On top of this, so many of the old-school directors are retiring (Miyazaki, most recently).

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Just a note, that article was by one Christy Lemire. Sadly, Mr. Ebert died in April. :(

It looks like a bunch of contributors have taken up his web site to carry on in his tradition.

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I R Dur.

Yes, Roz pointed this out to bad for not looking closer (and I think I'm in a kind of denial about Ebert's passing...he and Gene Siskel are still my film reviewers of all time). I think Ebert would have been more harsh in his assessment of Frozen.

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Yeah, these days I'm not totally sure where to turn for the best movie reviews. :/ I didn't always agree with Ebert, but he always had well thought-out reasons for making the criticisms he did. I think nowadays I just tend to look at the aggregate score a movie gets on RottenTomatoes.

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I liked his reviews because even if I might disagree with him, he gave such thoughtful and detailed analysis of a movie that I could use that information to determine whether I wanted to see it or not.

If you find a reviewer who is equally good at describing what a movie is, let me know!

Date: 2013-12-22 05:13 pm (UTC)
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Yup I feel the same. Disney, you tried so hard but fell as flat as that reindeer trying to run on the ice.

Pet peeve: Riding animals are not gas-powered vehicles, they shouldn't act like them.

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And yet, so many *POSITIVE* reviews! What up with that? Have the entertainment companies gotten so huge and powerful that honest reviews are a thing of the past?

I am still amazed that this got past Lasseter: he's usually such a micromanager when it comes to story and character. This would -never- have passed muster at the pre-Disney Pixar.


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