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I finished packing and eating (read: stuffing into me) the last of the fruit and snacks from the trip and wandering over to the train station. I think one reason this trip felt so relaxing is that I planned for extra days to arrive and leave, so there was no frantic rushing around. Best vacation I've had in years and one of the first I can remember where I actually got back home feeling refreshed.


The flight back was wonderful: I lucked out by having an empty seat next to me, so I could spread out my stuff and really enjoy the trip. As you can see above, I had everything I needed for a twelve hour flight: a great book (the Wool Omnibus), tunes (my ancient iPod) and snacks galore.

Date: 2013-10-02 03:17 am (UTC)
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Thank you for this series of posts! It's always interesting to see shared events and experiences through the eyes of another, to see things one might not have noticed, or might not have realised the significance of at the time.

I don't know why, something has happened to my browser in the last two weeks, such that I can't read any of the comments made to several (but not all, which is baffling) peoples' journals; so I didn't comment on some things which I am sure received lots of feedback already.

The two biggest expenses for me are the transportation and the vacation days expended; once I realised this, it made little sense to rush back home as soon as the convention ended, once I had spent the money to get there; but the fares were actually cheaper for me to return on a Wednesday than on a Sunday or Monday; or starting the trip on a Saturday. I had to make the EF-bound flight to Munich on a Monday - thus wasting a whole weekend.

I did wind up going to Garmisch, and loved it. Stayed at the Garmischer Hof Hotel, took my chances on a cloudy day to ride up the Zugspitze (there is a picture of me, being snowed upon in August, standing in front of the peak marked with the gilded cross, which marks the Roof of Germany). Due to the weather, I got no view of the valley, but took a few photos of the alps to the south, and even traipsed briefly into Austria (Tyrole) - at least as far as the mountaintop facility allowed.


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