Feb. 15th, 2013

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I have two busy seasons: the summer project season and the January/February tax season. Hopefully I'm over the worst of the tax stuff. A years worth of receipts and information typed into an Xcel sheet (with finding and organizing said receipts and records being half the battle). There was a convention, How To Train Your Dragon Live, a visit to Oakhurst, many hikes and a cool trip to a Malibu beach house.

My plants survived the " Arctic Blast " nicely. The Surinam cherry trees are going crazy flowering. Some of the oaks have sprouted-- but so far none of the European oaks have shown signs of sprouting (I hope they're just slow to germinate and not that the months in the fridge did any harm).

Valentine's Day came and went. A friend whose family I was going to have dinner with called to cancel because she had a headache (which shows you how bad it's gotten for me here...even with the non-dates!). There is a Dr. Who convention this weekend which most of my sf friend circle is at (running it). And Facebook: should I be insulted or relieved that I didn't get any "So-and-so would love some candy for Valentine's Day!" type messages? FB was so politely non-committal on my page that it -felt- like a dig (especially hearing everyone else bitch about those notices). But I have the dogs and a frosty night with empty sidewalks, so it was all good.


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