Jan. 10th, 2013

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2012 went out with things beginning to look better. I was lucky to not be hit with any disasters and managed to survive my own personal financial cliff. The dogs are healthy and the home is doing well. Work is slow but looking to pick up. I have some friends who were not so lucky, suffering some terrible losses. These are all people who have seen me through some terrible times of my own. I am glad I was in solid shape to help them get through some of that.

2013: The Year of the Snake!

Snake years (as I recall) are supposed to be filled with money and prosperity all around. We could use some of that...

2013 has come in with a lot of promise and hope: I think things will start to pick up...and hopefully build some positive momentum. Work should be very interesting for the next year. My friends are getting better. The dogs are happy.

You can click on the Flickr link above to get the details of my January so far. Most of the photos are annotated.

Hsssss...! Gung Hey Fat Choy!
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Frost protection: full Flickr set

Wow...two posts in one day! I had just gotten back from seeing "The Hobbit" and realized that this time the weather forecasters might be correct: although it's been threatening to go below freezing over the last few weeks, this is the first night that it might actually get that cold. Right now, with the wind chill it is already about 29f. The actual temperature is supposed to get to about freezing tonight and several degrees below freezing tomorrow. With a stiff North wind and clear skies (after some rain), I jumped in to action to protect some of my heat-loving charges.

Protecting tropical/sub-tropical plants from a freeze )


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